Interesting F1 2010 video...

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Interesting F1 2010 video...

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Just thought i'd post this video of F1 2010 - it is a 5 lap race at Bahrain using the Lotus (each car handles differently.. apparently). It is interesting because during the second half of the race (the last two laps) grip seems to disappear completely once the tyres have worn out. The race is driven with a wheel and you also get to watch his pedal inputs in the corner of the screen,

Some of the spins look a bit strange to me, such as almost full spins on entry to slow corners just as he hits the apex, but that kind of thing can happen with wrecked rear tyres if you carry too much speed.

There is another video for anyone on the forum who speaks German (i don't :( ). This video shows all the menus and also the setup adjustments you can make etc. Unforunately I didn't see anything that looked like 'differential' or 'steering lock'... two of the most important settings in my opinion,

I'll still be buying this thing on Friday - it's an F1 game and it's coming out on PC, it has dynamic weather and the graphics are better than any other PC racing game that i know of. Those are my reasons for buying it. The handling is just something I have to hope won't be awful.
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