rFactor 2 available on Steam

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rFactor 2 available on Steam

Post by Bilbo » 24 Dec 2015, 18:04

This dates from a few weeks ago but rF2 is now available on Steam. (Not part of the current winter sale, unfortunately)

That should help those who had problems buying it previously. Note that the "base" game on Steam does NOT include any MP, you either have to buy the more expensive "Lifetime" version (with free "lifetime" online access) or add a (relatively) cheap yearly MP subscription.

Those who have rF2 already can migrate to Steam as noted in the rF2 FAQ. Be careful if you currently have an active yearly online subscription (or have bought the basic edition from ISI in the past year), THAT does not migrate to Steam so you should wait the end of your current subscription before moving to Steam or you will lose what remains on your current online access (this warning does not apply to those who had the "basic" version for more than a year and did not renew the online access or if you have the lifetime version). The "basic" version on Steam, unlike the one bought from ISI, does NOT include the first year of MP but that's why it is also cheaper.

One other thing, it has been mentioned that at some point, ISI will stop doing "basic to lifetime" upgrades for the difference in price between the basic and lifetime versions (they used to offer it informally, if you asked nicely) so if you were counting on that, make sure you don't wait too long (I actually don't know if they still do it) and you ask for it BEFORE migrating to Steam.
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