THIS happend IF u fool around !

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THIS happend IF u fool around !

Post by sirsmokealot » 08 Jul 2003, 15:01

i raced f1c to 8 in the morning , and i NEED to go WORK in 2 hours , MY dog is mad MY girlfriend is EVEN MORE PISSED OFF , and my momo is STILL hot ! i did alot of racing on SPA with 12 from world f1gamers or some like that , i spoke about U guys and SOME 1 said ILL KICK UR ASS ANYWAY WELL if u have some time ill show how iTEACHED him a lesson .. 1 SERIOUS good race in A1 track where we had some RUMBLE problems with a driver (TOSCH) he ruined a few others race , and the chat was FURIOUS (DENNISTAKE HIM OFF AND SO ON) , he tryed hit me too so i decided to teach him a lesson *:) ... i was like 20 sec UP in 1st place , and i wanted to get behind him to PUSH HIM A LITTLE , u schould see prev races from him :( REALLY bad ) so my counchesness was PURE as snow....

well i did my PITSTOP (after 7 laps) 8) , filled in full tanks and new tired , BUT now i was 20 SEC BEHIND DAMM, well i made a few good laps , and i finally caught up after i made a SPIN hehe !

well rest is in VCR like last third part of it !was PURE EVIL from me lol ...

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