pedals problems

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pedals problems

Post by dondon » 04 Feb 2003, 13:42

hi all,

i have a problem with my brake pedal : she's not progressive and i can't brake softly. this causes me many problems to braking

my wheel is a ms force feedback

please, somebody can help me? :P

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Post by tobber » 06 Feb 2003, 14:41

hi dondon.

dont know if this helps but my settings with my old wheel thrustmaster forcefeedback was.

Digital steering rate 10%
digital throttle rate 10%
digital brake rate 50% maybe you must go lower with this setting???
clutch 20%
Speed sensitivity 50%

under controller 1 settings was
X 50%
RX 50%
Y 70%
RY 70%
Z 70%
RZ 70%

Deadzone all at 1%

forcefeedback settings is up to you what you prefer. I got effects to full and strenght to 15%

now I am just wondering what settings the rest of you racers have.

tobber over and out

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