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Project cars

Posted: 01 Aug 2015, 15:12
by limpindog
Hi all
just wandering if any you guys still around :)

Project cars is out and tbh its not a bad game .maybe not the perfect handling sim

For me i find this game enjoyable to drive and gfx are very nice
some features in the game are good and some bad as with most games its hard to please everyone.

I will be playing this online going by the steam name Imp if you fancy a race come find me :)

there a good amount of cars
formula A bit like f1 today but sound better in game lol

Re: Project cars

Posted: 02 Aug 2015, 16:31
by Bilbo
Most of the old gang is still around, checking the forum at different frequency though.

I recently got pCars, Asseto Corsa, GSCE (and its new beta from Reiza's Indiegogo fundraiser) but still find myself as challenged as ever to find free time to race so I have barely tried any of them. :( The only "exception" (though not much) is a few of hours spent in pCars' Audi R8 V10 @ Nurburgring (GP) as the closest match to a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 @ ICAR Mirabel that I got to try out for a few laps (in real life!) just yesterday. 8) :twisted: :!: (first time ever driving a car on a real racetrack for me!)

Nice to see you're still around too! :wink:

Re: Project cars

Posted: 04 Aug 2015, 14:23
by carrera
Hi all,I have had project cars for the play station 4 for a month.
The formula a cars are not bad for a sim.they do have some iffy physics but
You can adjust most of that out in your setups.
Nice to see you limpy.i heard that project cars was coming out for PCs.
I will have to get that a.s.a.p... Nice to see you got some time in a real racetrack setting
Bilbo.i have just been able to watch from the
Will try to get project cars and see you guys online soon.
Have a good one guys..
Carrera 8) 8) 8)

Re: Project cars

Posted: 05 Aug 2015, 16:13
by Bilbo
carrera wrote:Nice to see you got some time in a real racetrack setting
Bilbo.i have just been able to watch from the
Yeah, well remember that we had to pay them to let me get in the car and there was nobody waiting with a contract at the end! :wink:

I'd say most of our sim experience transfers well to the track EXCEPT for the controls, the pedals in particular. The Lambo has great braking power but to invoke it, you have to push surprisingly hard on the brake pedal. It feels like you get the pedal to the floor and must still add force as if trying to push it THROUGH the floor. We all read somewhere about how many kg of pressure the F1 drivers must apply on the brake pedal but to experience it first-hand (still probably not as much) is quite an eye-opener even when you expect it. That is VERY different from driving with the stock G25 pedals barefooted! Other than that, the physics of the car and the sounds were just great! 8)

Re: Project cars

Posted: 07 Aug 2015, 02:45
by Steve
Do you have any video of your experience? Would love to see it !!

Re: Project cars

Posted: 07 Aug 2015, 19:16
by Bilbo
I do have a video but it needs the special application to play (proprietary format, probably to combine the video streams with the basic telemetry) so I'd have to capture it onscreen while it plays before I could upload it. But HERE'S A LINK to someone else's experience at the same place (ICAR Mirabel, same track layout) and the same car (Lambo Galardo LP560). My own video is very similar, with the sound being actually a bit worse in mine. Speed is shown in MPH, not km/h.

You will notice the cones to mark the braking points and apexes, it's all "codified" since the experience is open to everyone who wants to pay, not just people with race sim experience! At 44, I was one of the youngest in my group of 9 drivers. Most appeared to be in their late 50's or early 60's and most had their family accompanying them.

Here is a picture of me with the car. Forgive the hairdo, it didn't survive the couple of recon laps from the backseat of a BMW X4 with the windows open!
Bilbo and the beast
(259.71 KiB) Not downloaded yet

Re: Project cars

Posted: 11 Aug 2015, 01:22
by aawil
Stopped by because the most random thing popped in my head, "rfy" That looks awesome Bilbo by the way, a few years ago I had the chance to ride a few laps in a Ferrari 360 Challenge car around NJMP it was quite an experience with a pro driver. Hope all is well with everyone.

Re: Project cars

Posted: 11 Aug 2015, 03:56
by Steve
Yo Aaron !! Long time no see m8. Hope all is well with you there.

Re: Project cars

Posted: 12 Aug 2015, 03:44
by Ruben Miranda
YOOOOOOOOOOOO Gentsssssssssssssssss :lol:

How is everyone
all is well here have not done much racing not a lot of time.

I have RF2 and ac
Love RF2 not much luv for AC

Since I dont have much time I hesitate to by other sims.

would luv to meet up and do some racing though if not for anything but to bag wheels :lol:

Maybe it will help get us back into it.

anyway hello to all
Ruben Miranda

Re: Project cars

Posted: 29 Aug 2015, 02:41
by SteveB
Hi Guys,
It is great to see you here. I am very jealous that you got real track time, that is AWESOME!!!
It would be nice to get some laps done here again...... you never know......

GREAT to see you all !!!