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thanks for letting me in !!

Posted: 22 Jan 2003, 06:23
by Steve
Just wanted to thank Tomas for giving me a trial, and also MJC for being so cool !!!

Welcome Steve

Posted: 22 Jan 2003, 15:50
by T.Karlsson
:D You dont need to thank me Steve, but thats nice

l hope you are going to have a nice time with us in NAR, you will fitt in nice lm sure. There is some people l have to warn you about Lavvy for
example he is not right in the HEAD :lol: and ALX has ruin everything for me l hate him :lol: Jesus he is fast!!!! and F.Tackman he is our Granpa
telling us what to do out on the Track. IF NOT he gets ANGRY and writes long letters on the Forum telling us what to do :D


Posted: 22 Jan 2003, 17:08
by Lavvy
Leave me outta this:)..... 8) :twisted:

Posted: 24 Jan 2003, 09:25
by tackman

Posted: 24 Jan 2003, 15:08
by Guest
sorry karlsson!! :mrgreen:

Posted: 24 Jan 2003, 15:18
by Alx
hehe...that was me who said that btw...bloody login... :oops: