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C. da Matta

Track Downloads

Post by C. da Matta » 23 Jun 2003, 09:14

I've been having trouble finding a site where I can download Misano, Mugello, Paul Ricard and several others tracks without having to download a huge GT mod. I just want these tracks so I can race some F1 cars on them. I don't desire to alter my game drastically just to get these tracks. Is there a sight that will just let me dowload those tracks without getting a mod? Hell, what's the best place to download tracks? Thanks guys.

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Post by DanTheMan » 23 Jun 2003, 09:34

Unfortunately I don't think I've ever seen the GTR2002 tracks available for separate download.

Move over!!!

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Post by Steve » 28 Jun 2003, 06:35

check this site out C, i've used their tracks on f1 2002 with few problems ... gory&id=10
that have the tracks you're looking for m8



Post by zeek » 09 Jul 2003, 05:42

if u register on First you can download tracks and Install them all in one shot then u can launch the game and make sure it all works .
also u dont have to download a mod to simply install a track into a "stock F12k2" game .

here is the link also another link to F1hq another good spot to get converted tracks <not as effortless as F1RST> ... tel=nieuws

hope this helps

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Post by Erick » 13 Jul 2003, 20:46

Thanks guys. :lol: . That was me who posted that message before I became a member. I found everything I was looking for. Thanks so much guys. 8) I think I'll have to check out that site zeek.

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