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Something completly differant...

Posted: 04 Jun 2003, 23:17
by Ferdi
Hi guys,

I just made a Flash intro from my website. It has nothing to do with cars, F1 etc. but it is from my music band.
Wanna see it? Click <b><a href="" target="_top">here</a></b>


Posted: 04 Jun 2003, 23:43
by DanTheMan
Did you get permission to use Scooter's stuff? ;-)

Posted: 05 Jun 2003, 12:47
by Ferdi
Scooter? You mean the music?


Posted: 05 Jun 2003, 14:14
by DanTheMan

Posted: 05 Jun 2003, 17:58
by dutch power
Pretty cool :D

Posted: 06 Jun 2003, 01:12
by Ferdi
hehe Dan... Well I didn;t ask for it... I'm working on my own music, but for now this music is goooood! :D


Posted: 14 Jun 2003, 11:03
by Guest
WOW FERDI nice intro and website :shock:
And the live music sounds really Professionnal.
Are you playing keyboards I was sure you were on Guitar parts...

Nice Summer coming I guess :wink:

Posted: 14 Jun 2003, 11:05
by bigmac
Was me UP DAMN!!! 8)

Posted: 14 Jun 2003, 12:54
by Ferdi
Hey BigMac,

yes I play keyboards! Some songs I play drums when the drumplayer is going to sing at front. 2 years ago we did a beatles act and I had to learn to play the guitars.. hehe.. I learned it in two months. Sometimes I play the guitar to, mostly rock music and playing only the chords (no solo.. NO WAY!! lol).


Posted: 14 Jun 2003, 17:22
by Guest
sounds great ferdi,
Well done website 2.
Guitar solo? go ferdi ,give it a shot..I started playing guitar 21 years ago.
I hated it've played Piano and keyboards for the last 20 .Heck solo on keyboards fine....solo on guitar...not a chance...
again an impressive website m8
wuu huuu

Posted: 05 Jul 2003, 17:58
by Akis
As you see Jordan Team is not only talented in F1 races but also in music!!

Very nice indeed FERDI ,best of luck!