0-60 mph in 0.97 secs

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dutch power
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0-60 mph in 0.97 secs

Post by dutch power » 02 Nov 2007, 19:51

Pretty quick for a electric street bike lol

TAKE NOTE vid can be experienced as shocking. He crashes but survives ofcourse. I believe the trottle got stucked somehow.


Whats next, i think this is pretty amazing acleration. Getting close to dragbike speeds.
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Paul M
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Post by Paul M » 03 Nov 2007, 00:42


Why did they take his shoes off?
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Post by Flow » 03 Nov 2007, 01:06

Killacycle is the name of the bike for a good reason :mrgreen: shit, that must hurt, no helmet, he is dam lucky that the bike stop on the minivan. Could you imagine if the bike would of just rebound on the side and continue? Outch!
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Ruben Miranda
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Post by Ruben Miranda » 03 Nov 2007, 01:08

Dam glad he is ok have to feel sorry for him.

That bike is quick no doubt about it.

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