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Posted: 26 May 2003, 16:45
by Jerry
Hallo everyone,
can anybody provide me a real good car settings for Monaco
(Ferrari) to reach time below 1:19,00..:o))
jerry (

Posted: 26 May 2003, 16:54
by DanTheMan
To get sub 1.20 laps you need more than settings. You need hundreds of laps of practice and some talent. :-)

I usually use the setup pack from The Notorious as a base for all my setups. I then tweak them to suit my driving style (I like more diff lock and more front break bias than TN).

I have also tried setups that have been used to set lap records at FindTheLimit, but usually those setups are simply not suitable for my driving style. You need to be very exact and smooth to be able to do world record times. And when you are that exact and smooth you can use more specific setups that only fits that particular driving style. For me to use such a setup with my wild driving is suicide.