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Saturday Night Race

Posted: 08 Jan 2003, 22:56
by T.Karlsson
Hello all Fucks :twisted:

Lets have some fun and have a Race on Saturday night. On another
track then Albert Park

l was thinking A1 Ring :wink:

One hour warmup then Full Qual and then RACE (50%)
lm hosting the server and it will be up 24:00 Swe time 16 players, and the first 16st who get there drives (both NAR1 NAR2 are welcome)

Posted: 09 Jan 2003, 00:20
by Guest

Are we using same HDV for all cars or original HDV on that race?

Posted: 09 Jan 2003, 16:44
by magnussen
:D yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i like that see you there