Any one still around

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Re: Any one still around

Post by Sibelius19 »

NAR_Erick (Mr Sector) here.
It's been 15-16 years now?

Still here, but not able to race seriously. Just posted a 127 on Monza with a keyboard and mouse lol (ProjectCARS 1, Forumal A). Not my usual form.
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Re: Any one still around

Post by limpindog »

Hi all
2021 and what a change we all face

anyone still playing anything these days ?

and how many of you still check forum :)

hope you all well ..i check back in few days or you can email

i be playing bit rf2 in next few days if anyone fancy a few laps
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Re: Any one still around

Post by Bilbo »

Hey Limpy!

I still check the forums almost daily but don't race much, if at all, these days (no time!). I'm still buying the sims (gotta keep the simracing niche alive otherwise we'll only have "driving games" in the future) but I have yet to seriously try Automobilista 2 or Assetto Corsa Competizione. Last I tried, rF2 still had the edge over everything else for the tyre physics, IMO. I can't wait to try the new Formula Pro that came out a few weeks ago...

It's nice to see you and a few others here!
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Re: Any one still around

Post by limpindog »

Just trying out some of the Rf2 updates
personaly i think they need to move over to the unreal engine
they will have a much better game and gfx

kinda think rf2 is on its last legs if they dont get that game engine improved

physics are still good

front end menu still a pile of poo lmao

still playing bf1 atm and some liveforspeed . that still going online

keep safe all chat soon
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Re: Any one still around

Post by Steve »

I just re installed LFS myself. Not bad at all. Are you still rockin' out Limpy ? I have been on a bit of a gear buying binge the past few years.
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Re: Any one still around

Post by DanTheMan »

After ~15 years with computers without dedicated GPU that was unable to play any real games I finally upgraded to something that can handle games last year. But not really to play games, but to be able to edit YouTube videos for my 10 year old daughter using Davinci Resolve. However, I have sort of been bitten by the Fortnite bug, playing it both by myself and as a duo with my daughter. Quality father-daughter time running around killing everything that moves... :)

The old Logitech Momo wheel I used back when we raced in NAR still works. I have managed to hook it up to my daughters computer and set it up so that she can play Forza Horizon. The drivers/utility don't work properly on Windows 11, but the wheel can still be used (but without any configuration options). However, she mostly just plays Fortnite, Roblox and Sims...

I just paid for another 5 years of "Enhanced Dynamic DNS" which is the service I use for the * domain service. Now I just need to refresh the VPS that I host this PHP site on. It currently runs an old version of PHP on top of Ubuntu 16.04. The PHP version is long out of support, and Ubuntu 16.04 is on its last legs (regular long term support ended last year, but they offer additional long term support if you sign up specifically for it).

Have a great summer!
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