NAR 2011 Season Informations

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NAR 2011 Season Informations

Post by Bilbo » 14 Feb 2011, 04:58

Here are the rules and settings that will cover the NAR 2011 season for both the European (Euro) and North American (NA) divisions:

Mod: F1RFT 2010 v2.1 (You can get it HERE).
Install the base v1.0 then the v2.1 update. Install both to your main rFactor directory.
If you don't like your game being in Hungarian, you can just delete or rename the "Magyar_2010_Q3.dic" under "<rFactor>\Support\Languages" and the UI will go back to US English. The more technically adept can take the contents of one of the other language files in the same directory and replace the contents of "Magyar_2010_Q3.dic" with it to switch their UI to that language, if desired. None of this causes MM if done properly.

2011 Schedule:
  1. March 13 Bahrain
  2. March 27 Australia
  3. April 10 Malaysia
  4. April 17 China => POSTPONED TO OCT 30th, SEE BELOW
  5. May 1 Turkey
  6. May 15 Spain
  7. May 29 Monaco
  8. June 12 Canada
  9. June 26 Europe
  10. July 10 Great Britain
  11. July 24 Germany
  12. August 7 Hungary
  13. August 21 Belgium
  14. September 4 Italy
  15. September 18 Singapore
  16. October 2 Japan
  17. October 16 Korea
  18. October 30 China (INDIA CANCELLED, SEE BELOW)
  19. November 13 Abu Dhabi
  20. November 27 Brazil
  21. December 4 RoC: USA Austin (if available else another track TBC)
Tracks: F1RFT10 TRACK PACK, SEE BELOW (was: NAR 2011 Track pack, part #1 to begin with (extract to your "<rFactor>\GameData\Locations\NAR" directory, say yes if asked to overwrite existing files, keep the directory structure intact). If you don't already have a NAR folder under "Locations" (from a past track pack) then you HAVE to create one beforehand.)

Rules unchanged from last season (just making sure there's no confusion):
  • Qualification session starts at 20h CET (Euro)/EST (NA).
  • Parc Ferme in effect (i.e. qualify with race setup).
  • Qualy session format: 6 laps/30 minutes max.
  • 2 wheels on track at all times, curbs ARE considered part of the track.
  • Refuelling is allowed in race.
  • (+ all others)
More info about the tracks: Mostly the same tracks as we used last season, with a few exceptions: Bahrain (back to "old" (shorter) layout), Germany (Nurburgring instead of Hockenheim), Italy (updated SteveB version). Improved the prediction in the garage for the number of laps that can be run with a given amount of fuel. Korea, India, Abu Dhabi and USA (Austin) track versions will be confirmed 2 weeks before the corresponding race or earlier.

Have a nice season and good luck everyone!
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Track pack change

Post by Bilbo » 13 Apr 2011, 02:49

In light of the current situation, NAR admins have decided to switch to the F1RFT10 Track Pack for some time to try to capitalize on the traffic trying to join on our practice server and hopefully bring in a few needed new members. As such, every driver is encouraged to practice as much as possible on the server and point interested "prospects" to these forums ( "" ) while our main website is unavailable.

As a result of this decision, we have also decided to postpone the China race to October 30th (originally planned for April 17th) and cancel the India race that was planned on that day. Normal scheduling will resume on May 1st with the Turkey race (from the F1RFT10 pack).

Here is the page with links to download the F1RFT10:

Just look near the bottom of that page or search for "F1RFT 2010 TrackPack". There are two parts that can be independently installed. Point the installers to your main rFactor directory (not "Locations"). The F1RFT10 Track pack does NOT conflict with the NAR 2011 Track pack so there's no need to remove it unless you need the disk space (actually, we're hoping to switch back to the NAR pack in the future).

Please use the feedback thread if you have any comments or questions.
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Re: NAR 2011 Season Informations

Post by Admin Narleague » 26 Jun 2011, 17:38

With great sadness, NAR admins have decided to cancel the NAR 2011 season due to lack of participation.

It is (hopefully) just a kind of sabbatical as NAR F1 racing will resume around March 2012, after a relaunch of the main NAR website, a strong "marketing" push in the winter and regular unofficial racing events before then (just for fun, to stay sharp and keep in touch).

We hope you will still stay around as these forums will stay functional even if we stop the official races. Informations on the unofficial events will be posted in the next days.

Big thanks to everyone who tried to make it work and see you on the track soon.


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