a1 ring is back

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a1 ring is back

Post by carrera » 23 Jul 2013, 14:26

the a1 ring is officially back on the calendar....bout time.one of my favorite tracks of all time.
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Re: a1 ring is back

Post by Bilbo » 23 Jul 2013, 17:18

Great news...until we know what other track(s) they drop to fit RB-Ring in the already full schedule! A1/RB-Ring is great but I wouldn't trade Spa or Montreal for it (for example).
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Re: a1 ring is back

Post by rich54 » 23 Jul 2013, 22:05

Maybe Korea will be gone since nothing has been done to the track since the first race there.

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Re: a1 ring is back

Post by dutch power » 24 Jul 2013, 22:54

Glad they bring back this track.

Saw the layout from Sotsji today, Russian F1 track for 2014 and well that's just another one of those boring Tilke tracks. That guy is realy without creativity and doesn't know what to do it all looks the same nowadays.

And I tell you this, the day that Spa or Monza will be ditched from the calendar is the day I will quit simracing. :mrgreen:
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