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New F1 League in rFactor

Posted: 14 May 2013, 23:11
by Murat Ozsarac
Hi NAR family,

We are about to start a F1 Championship for 2013 season. I would like to invite all quality drivers of NAR especially the ones as talented as Mr G, Bilbo. First event is this weekend on Saturday May the 18th 16GMT. For now, we are about 10-12 drivers on grid most are medium pace and all fair drivers. I also want to give a brief explanation about the weekend procedure below.

Weekends will cover two races. 1st race is 50% which will start after a 10 minutes Q and 5 minutes of warmup. 2nd race of the weekend will be 25% but all the grid from 1st race's result will be reversed. Besides, top6 finisher of the 1st race will be carrying extra mass of 60-50-40...10kg. If things go according to plan, this should guarantee very close on track conditions of all grid. Fuel Usage: Normal, Tyre Wear: x2

So, u get the idea. Intention is very close racing with all quality drivers on grid. This is why I'm posting the invitation here in NAR. I will be very active here in forum these days to see if anyone is interested. You will get a very quick reply if you want to know more about the details such as mod etc.

PS. There's a big possibility that your dear friend Steve B might get involved in this league. So, here is your chance if you want to race with him again :mrgreen:

Re: New F1 League in rFactor

Posted: 15 May 2013, 01:11
by Bilbo
Hello Murat,

Thanks for the thought but the time (noon here) is impossible for me, especially at this time of the year with a lot of things to do around the house and a sunny weekend forecast.

I'd still be interested in knowing which mod/tracks you use and if you have some kind of schedule so if there's a rainy Saturday sometime I can set myself up, practice a bit and hopefully race with you if you still need drivers then...

Re: New F1 League in rFactor

Posted: 15 May 2013, 02:53
by Murat Ozsarac
Hi Bilbo,

Here you can find the mod and the the current track to be raced for the weekend. Necessary files are under Links section -> Mod Download, Patch 1.20 and the Spanish GP (this is ofc the track for the upcoming race). Most of the participants of the league is from WorldRacingLeague but this is a side league of WRL. Our events are meant to be preparation for WRL races which is run on sundays, a day after. Tracks are from RFE with weather plugin implemented. Schedule is followed by real F1 races. For European races, generally a week after than the real event. Btw, if sundays are better for u, u could take this as invitation to WRL, events start at 13GMT there. There's always room and need to guys like u even if the grid was full :wink: